The edge of the world

A film by Hantu (Weber+Delsaux)

Hantu #7, The edge of the world/Le bout du monde,

Vardø, 2014, vidéogramme.

©Hantu (Weber+Delsaux)

Hantu expressess fantastically through motion, photograph/film, nature, cosmic sounds, joik, song and reflection. I could recognize our nature and all seasons. Hantu reproduces our winterlandscape and nature from spring to death. Death and life. Everything reborns.

I liked how they spiritually and with sensuality show sensibility for nature through dance and camerafocus. When they see the stone, they express it through motion, and they ARE the rounded stone. When they focus on trees, branches and withered plants after snowmelting, then they move and dance them and melt into vegetation. Same with theme river; salmon get borned through Pascale’s mouth and she dances and shows how salmon spawns. I can feel her pain when she gives birth to salmon roe. She lies under a stone like salmon does. I also liked the surrealistic sequence with her fisheyes and the breasts and the blood dripping. Fish is born and eaten, which is realistic. Her sensibility and closeness to nature is powerfully shown through touch by fingers, toes and whole body. I also liked the way she used reindeer antlers to show power and strength, which also is in the joik Moden Erke joiked by Ingvald in the movie. Her motions are strong but still thrifty like nature here.

When Aage Solbakk shows how noaidi sacrificed, then she manages to express it by her dance.

Hantu (#7), The edge of the world/Le bout du monde,

Tana Bru, 2015, vidéogramme. ©Hantu (Weber+Delsaux)

The scene in front of the memorial made by Louise Bourgeois gave me strong visions and feelings for those tortured, drowned, killed and burned. I think she would have liked her expression in the white clothing with the light coming from the place humans have their head and face. I don’t understand all the symbolism, but in art there should always be something hidden, something to think about and wonder about. Something to ask about.

Hantu #7, The edge of the world/Le bout du monde,

Vardø, 2014, snapshot.

©Hantu (Weber+Delsaux)

It is good that the film is “slow”, because our nature is slow, until it explodes on June 21. This they must also experience.

I am obsessed by their film, because their expressions are authentic and real. Hope them it will be shown in Tromsø and Inari.

Sigrun Winterfeldt

July, 20th, 2016.